The Starting Point ::: Le point de départ

It always amazes me to notice that whatever project you undertake, it always evolves during the realization process and ends up being somewhat different from what was planned. The starting point is JUST a starting point... Often, the initial idea just doesn’t meet the expectations or it needs to be adapted to take form. Luckily, hope, perseverance and creativity are there to make it happen! This is so true in painting. To me, each artwork is a journey and I’m never sure where I will end up and what the result will be. Once I’ve started, I try to keep an open attitude and evolve, adapt and create with whatever is happening on the canvas. A silent, intuitive and loving relationship develops wi

A Few Toughts ::: Quelques pensées

My intention is to paint as freely as possible and evolve…I have no project other than express and share my perceptions and experiences of life. Painting is a quest. I aspire to understand myself and understand the world. Painting engages my mind, my body and my soul. In a certain way, my paintings are my ID cards. When I paint, basically I’m trying to grasp something elusive that is dwelling within me or in the subject/model. I simply hope that my attempts to express my essence will expand my awareness of reality. I do not contribute to the evolution of painting, it is painting that contributes to my evolution. It is not an egocentric activity, basically I am trying to answer the following

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